Office  paper solutions

Whatever your office needs, Antalis recommends the right product.

Because printing and copying are part of your everyday business life, the quality of the paper you use reflects the image of your company. With the most comprehensive range of papers on the market, Antalis can recommend the right products for you, based on your office technology and your environmental concerns. So whether you are copying an internal memo, designing promotional material or printing a report for a client, your overall corporate communication is consistent in appearance and quality.

As the leading distributor of office papers and envelopes in Europe, our scale of operations and optimised supply chain translate into truly competitive offers for you: the most innovative product choice and a one-stop shop. In particular, we manufacture standard and customised envelopes to match your stationery.

Our large choice of leading brands means that we supply a diverse range of customers, from large public and private companies to office supplies dealers.

Our own brand, Image, is a family of office and digital papers with clear benefits and the best value for money. From everyday office papers to high white premium and digital papers, Image brand offers a complete range that aims to answer all customer’ needs: Image Digicolor premium uncoated papers for digital printing, Image Indigo specially designed for HP Indigo technology, Image Business for everyday printing and copying, … Image Recycled for reduced environmental impact, - Antalis aims to help every customer choose the right paper for his or her business.

Do you need paper for your office? Just ask Antalis.


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