Visual Communication


Looking  for materials for your visual communication?

Whether your customers are launching a new product, promoting an event, developing their brand image or revamping their point of sale communication, we have all you need to effectively create those images.

Antalis provides a wide range of support materials for silk screen and digital printing, from adhesive to large format printing sheets and reels, including foam PVC, calendered PVC, window stickers, acrylic plates and banners. In an increasingly competitive environment, Antalis understands that differentiation is key for your customers. The Antalis range includes products that offer a greater choice of finishes and are designed for applications, plus options with improved weather resistance, product safety features and environmental credentials.

With the launch of Coala, Antalis introduces a comprehensive, innovative and all inclusive range of flexible LFP media. The variety of Coala media includes both indoor and outdoor substrates and ranges from paper, self adhesive products, banners to textiles, wallpapers and many innovative products. They are great value for money, trouble-free and matched to every kind of ink.

Our Coala selection brings you the best in printability, ease of application and green credentials so you can focus on producing and delivering high quality, competitive and sustainable print jobs to your customers.

Antalis works hard to constantly provide the most innovative communication tools, helping you beat the competition and develop your brand identity. Do you need solutions for your visual communication? Just ask Antalis.


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