Antalis  Sales Academy

Investment in our people for customer excellence

Antalis believes that added-value services are extremely important factors in customer service. This is why Antalis is making a significant investment in improving the skills both of our Managers and Sales teams.

By understanding customer needs in more detail, the sales teams can make a difference to a customer’s experience of interacting with Antalis. To meet this objective, Antalis created the Antalis Sales Academy, in 2010.

Since 2010, 300 Sales and Manager Workshops have taken place across 24 countries in 17 languages. The training supports effective prospection and qualifying techniques to improve sales using proven sales methodologies which enable sales staff to improve their fact finding and customer service skills.

The training has been broken down by job role to fully understand how the sales process can work together to provide the customer with the right experience. Each course provides Salespeople with simple to follow, effective, processes to use in the workplace and their progress is monitored by measuring improvement in skills and capabilities using a competency framework. Managers also are now regularly coaching their teams to improve the customer experience, optimising the right sales channel.

Today, the Antalis Sales Academy is one of our key strategic differentiators. This successful initiative will lead in the future to a widened offer of training to other Antalis employees and will be assisted by an ambitious e-learning strategy.