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Are you a part of a multinational group or company?

Are you looking to centralise your paper and packaging sourcing at a European or global level? Then Antalis is the right partner for you.

Thanks to our leading position on the paper and packaging market, European and global footprint as well as  our extensive experience in the co-ordination of Key Accounts from all industries, we can offer you global solutions for your paper and packaging supplies with coherent product ranges and cutting-edge logistics.


Our leading position on the paper and packaging market means that you can:

  • Launch pan-European tenders.
  • Decide on pricing, contracts and paper and packaging products at central level and implement these decisions via our local teams.
  • Have control over your costs and optimise spend on your paper and packaging portfolio.
  • Define/Customise the level of service you need or want.
  • Optimise your processes with the help of our central experts and local teams
  • Ensure you have a coherent environmental approach
  • We also guarantee professional follow-up at local level with accurate management information reports.


Do you need a partner to work closely with your business?

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