Our  Organisation

Category and Regional Management

Antalis Purchasing operates through regional teams and cross-country category teams which include Print Papers, Office Papers, Graphical Board, Packaging and Visual Communication. Each team optimises the Antalis spend and inbound supply chain and manages the relationships with suppliers according to the defined long-term strategy set at Antalis International level for each business area. Purchasing teams operate closely with the business management and functions, such as Marketing, Supply Chain, Finance and MIS to ensure an overall business view is taken when managing our suppliers.


Local procurement teams ensure optimal levels of stocks are held at each of our stockholding facilities across Antalis in order to enable the most effective availability of a selected Supplier’s product portfolio to be offered to the local market

Technical services

In order to ensure that the customers of Antalis receive a top-rate service when it comes to product quality, Antalis has dedicated Technical Services personnel employed in the field to assist with problem diagnosis, product & process suitability and training. This service is supplementary to the technical service and support provided by our suppliers