Our  Responsible Sourcing

Antalis follows a supplier selection process which operates in an unbiased, fair and objective manner.

The performance of supplier candidates related to social and environmental responsibility is taken into account in addition to their strategic fit, service capability, product quality and sustainability.


Antalis has developed and is evolving a responsible sourcing framework based on a Supplier Code of Conduct in order to ensure responsibility in all our sourcing activities. In addition to adhering to the law and conducting business in an ethical and sustainable manner, the code covers the following topics:


• Forced or Involuntary Labour

• Child Labour

• Non discrimination

• Wages and benefits

• Working hours

• Respect and Dignity

• Ethical Dealings

• Protection of the environment

• Continuous improvement

• Waste management

 • Safety and security of employees

 • Local safety requirements


Antrak, the Antalis sustainable supply chain

The Antrak platform, dedicated to Antalis paper, visual communication and Packaging’s suppliers, aims to strengthen traceability and responsibility of the Antalis supply chain. Every Antalis supplier is invited to enter its Corporate Sustainability Responsibility information. All Antalis suppliers can access to this platform here.

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