A dividend is the annual (although it can be paid in instalments), variable income of the share. It represents the portion of the profits that the general shareholders’ meeting decides to distribute to the shareholders. The remaining portion is generally set aside to increase the paid-in capital of the company and fund its growth.

The amount thereof is proposed by the Board of Directors and decided by the general shareholders’ meeting, which approves the financial statements for the ending fiscal year.

Antalis International is considering paying a regular dividend in the next few years, but also wishes to prioritise acquisitions in the Packaging and Visual Communication sectors, along with investements in digital information systems.

In particular, Antalis dividend distribution policy will take into account its results, financial position, general business conditions, financing-related constraints, external growth operations and any other factor that the company’s board of directors deems relevant.

However, that objective does not represent an undertaking of the company.