Board committees

The Board has set up committees which have the responsibility of studying certain matters in detail, to report to the Board regarding the preparatory work’s progress and to offer suggestions or recommendations in general. The committees of the Board of Directors take action within the framework of the missions assigned to them by the Board but they do not have the authority to take any decisions. The chairmanship of each committee is assured by a Director who fulfils the independence criteria required by the AFEP-MEDEF Code.

The Audit Committee

All Audit Committee members have the requisite accounting and financial expertise.

It is composed as follows:
Mrs Delphine Drouets (President)
Mrs Cécile Helme-Guizon

Its remit covers five broad areas: verification of accounting principles, approval of the company and consolidated financial statements, both annual and half-yearly, internal control, review of the group’s financial position and the risks it may be exposed to and the status of the statutory auditors (appointments, independence).

It meets regularly and may extend to the group’s executives and its employees. It may also meet with the statutory auditors, potentially not in the presence of the executive corporate officers.

The Appointments and Compensation Committee

The committee is assigned to review all issues relating to the remuneration, organisation and functioning of the Board of Directors and its committees as well as the submission before the Board of proposals relating to the remuneration of executives and corporate officers, including that of the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer.

It is composed as follows:
Mrs Christine Mondollot (President)
Mrs Clare Chatfield
Mrs Cécile Helme-Guizon

It reviews option subscription plans or share purchase schemes and planned bonus issues of shares that may be put forward by the management team.