Information related to the remuneration for the executive corporate officers of the company

(information published on 9 April 2018 in accordance with AFEP and MEDEF recommendations)

At its meeting of 9 April 2018, after considering the recommendations of the appointments and compensation committee, the Board of Directors took the following decisions, in compliance with the current Company’s compensation policy, as regards the remuneration of Mr Hervé Poncin, Chief Executive Officer.

Variable compensation for 2017

Based on the performance conditions it had set on 7 June 2017 and their fulfilment, the Board of Directors set Mr Poncin’s variable compensation for the period from 7 June to 31 December 2017 to 139,275 euros, i.e. 47% of its target amount.

According to article L. 225-100 of the French commercial code, the payment of this remuneration will be put to the vote of the annual general meeting which will take place on 23 May 2018.

Fixed compensation and variable compensation for 2018

The Board of Directors decided to maintain Mr Poncin’s fixed compensation at 650,000 euros for 2018.

The Board also decided to maintain Mr Poncin’s variable compensation for 2018 at a maximum of 80% of its fixed compensation, i.e. 520,000 euros, if all the performance conditions are met and has set those performance conditions as follows:

Quantifiable conditions (60%)    
2018 group’s EBITDA (compared to 2018 budget):30%
Group’s debt at 31 Décember 2018 (compared to 2018 budget):20%
2018 Group’s turnover (compared to 2018 budget):10%

Qualitative conditions (40%)    
Satisfactory evolution of the stock market price:20%
Growth of Packaging and Visual Communication activities’ turnovers:20%

The Board also confirmed its previous decision of not awarding Mr Pascal Lebard any compensation in respect of his duties as Chairman of the Board of the Company.

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