International customers


Antalis has a lot to offer to international companies that want to globalize their Papers, Visual Communications and Packaging purchases and are looking for global solutions:


  • A leading position in the distribution of paper and visual communication products and solutions as well as in packaging solutions ;
  • A global presence : Antalis is the only distributor to offer you a global presence ;
  •  A high level of coordination expertise for key accounts in all sectors of activity with a dedicated central team and local offices throughout Europe ;
  • An offer available worldwide with the same level of quality and services in all countries in which Antalis is operating 
  • Advanced logistics with a global network of 83 logistics centers ;
  • Relevant dashboards with results by country. 

Global corporations can benefit from framework agreements to control costs and optimize their paper and packaging procurement expenses. We can provide them the flexibility to specify the service standards they require and ensure that their procurement complies with the environmental criterias defined by our Group. With the support of our regional teams, our customers can expect meticulous tracking of their orders to ensure a seamless experience.



Contact for Papers and Visual Communication solutions purchases
Headquarter in Boulogne-Billancourt (France) :

François-Xavier Danel
Phone number : + 33 1 58 04 21 96


Leslie Klaus
Phone number : +33 1 58 04 21 39



United Kingdom :

Tonia Sorrell
Phone number : +44 7583 168 556


Contact for product and packaging solutions purchases
Antalis Verpackungen (Allemagne) :

Steffen Rapp
Phone number : + 49 711 75 907 169

David Sala
Phone number : + 49 151 406 419 79