the demand for excellence


It often takes just two to achieve a unique result. At Antalis, we are never alone. At Antalis, there is always Antalis and someone else: a supplier, a partner, a client. Moreover, it is always together that the most beautiful results are built. A certain type of paper will be the closest support for your creations; another will anticipate your most sophisticated requests. It is this demand for excellence, this radical philosophy that allows us today to present you with the most comprehensive range of Print & Office papers on the market.

The Best Impression

To satisfy the most personal demands of printers, graphic artists, advertisers, communication agencies, designers… we have « created » the most complete palette of printing papers: coated, uncoated, always recycled, satin, matte, textured, specifically designed for all offset and digital prints. Proud to carry your projects, our brands will raise them to the peak of your requirements.

Creative Papers

At Antalis, we believe in the richness of creation, and we are able to offer a wide range of creative papers that meet the most complex demands. Choosing a creative paper over a standard or uncoated paper can represent a relevant concept, deliver a more striking message, and provide real benefit. Our customers are certain: the richness of our papers enhances their creation.

Every Day at the Office

Every day in every office around the world, printing happens. Reliability, adaptability, ease of use, and quality of output are required. For everyday use, low weight, extra white, colours, under exclusive license with the largest printer manufacturers, all our paper reams meet all your expectations. Additionally: our advisors are trained regularly to share their expertise and assist you in choosing the best-suited solution.

Ahead of Tomorrow’s Challenges

Digital, environmental, creative, these are the pillars upon which the world of tomorrow is built.

It is on these that Antalis invests and projects itself.

Digital to Business

To question and seek, to always innovate, to constantly offer solutions that upgrade our customers’ needs and anticipate market trends, the digital revolution is our revolution. Papers specifically dedicated to this new mode of printing, large-format supports, everything is already there to meet your digital expectations. Active participation in numerous European forums, creation of demonstration showrooms in partnership with Xerox, Antalis also offers a wide range of initiatives.

Our environmental commitment

Is it possible to combine innovation and environmental responsibility?

What might seem like an insurmountable paradox is, at Antalis, a concrete objective. As a leading paper merchant, Antalis works closely with suppliers, customers and other stakeholders to combine innovation, customer value and best-in-class credentials. We are committed to offering you a wide range of papers and paper specialities; our main objective is to continuously select and offer more eco-responsible paper solutions.


Need help with a technical or logistics question, or wondering which product to buy for your printed communication? Our experts are here to advise you.
A wide choice of services complementary to our range of printing supports. This includes the « easyforyou » range, which supports you at every step in the realization of your printed communications, from the choice of supports to their distribution after printing…