Green Connection

Green Connection: challenging preconceived ideas

03-activites_antalis-green-connection-RG_150x108Antalis has developed the Green Connection initiative to support its clients in their sustainable approach. This initiative highlights the importance of recycled paper in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies implemented by companies. It is based on different actions (videos, White Papers, customers’ events, etc.) designed to challenge preconceived ideas about the uses of paper and to promote Antalis’ offer.

In the context of this initiative, and in response to the vast number of environmental certification labels, Antalis has launched its own evaluation system, the Green Star System®. It is a simple and universally understandable rating system in which zero to five stars are attributed to each type of paper according to its environmental performance based on two criteria: the origin of the fibre and the manufacturing process.

This initiative relies also on a comprehensive range of recycled papers, numerous services (training, environmental calculators, samples, etc.) and on a wood-fibre-based product traceability platform –Antrak®.  Antrak ® allows for the collection, analysis and centralisation of all CSR-related suppliers’ data.

Discover the Green Star System™

Discover « Did you know video? » Discover why the paper industry is one of the most eco-responsible industry and contributes to reforestation.

Two sides

Antalis is an active member of the association Two Sides, created in 2008 with members from the Graphic Communications Supply Chain logo-two-sides-EN_150x149(incl. forestry, pulp, paper, inks and chemicals, pre-press, press, finishing, publishing, printing, envelopes and postal operators). Our common goal is to promote the sustainability of the Graphics Communication Supply chain and dispel common environmental misconceptions by providing users with verifiable information on why print and paper is an attractive, practical and sustainable communications medium.