The most extensive and diversified range of papers on the market

Antalis offers its clients a wide range of papers for their printing and office needs.

Papers for printing

Printers, graphic designers, publishers and communication agencies can choose the best products for their specific applications from our vast range of coated and uncoated paper and high value-added paper – such as creative papers, digital and recycled papers. Antalis also offers a wide selection of envelopes, specialties (self-adhesive, labels, etc.) and graphical boards. Our portfolio comprises own brands such as Novatech, PrintSpeed, Olin, Tom&Otto, etc. and mill brands which are very well known in their respective markets and especially in the creative paper market, such as Conqueror® and Curious Collection, or in the recycled paper market with the Cocoon® brand, and Invercote® for graphical boards.

Papers for Office

In the office paper segment, Antalis offers large private and public companies a wide range of reams of paper and envelopes to meet all their customers’ needs: everyday paper, recycled paper, extra-white, low-grammage and coloured paper. Own brands, such as Image®, DataCopy® and the exclusively licensed Xerox® brand supplement mill and manufacturer brands such as HP. In 2015, Antalis launched its Antalis Premium Club in Europe, offering a set of exclusive services for its retailers.