Standards and memberships


EcoVadis provides a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) assessment service based on non-financial criteria (Environment, Social & Human Rights, Ethics and Responsible Purchasing) and according to company size, location and sector of activity.
An evaluation sheet establishes a rating with scores between 0 and 100, and medals (bronze, silver, gold, platinum), where applicable.
In 2021, thanks to its commitment to creating a positive impact on the environment, fostering transparency and stimulating innovation, Antalis Group achieved a score of 64/100 (Silver level); a ranking never achieved before and with higher scores on each subject than the industry averages. To date, EcoVadis has assessed over 75,000 business partners worldwide.


ISO 26000

Logo_ISO_ENAntalis Group has defined its CSR strategy framework from the ISO26000 standard. Through a multi stakeholders approach, it provides guidelines on the underlying corporate social responsibility principles. This process and framework guarantee to the Group the appropriate integration within the organisation of the following principles : accountability, transparency, ethic,  consideration of stakeholders interest, respect of principles of legality, international standards of behaviour and respects of Human rights. This process also guarantees that the Group addresses answers to its social, environmental and governance impacts.


Global Compact

logo_global_compactSince october 2012, Antalis is member of the United Nation Global Compact. The decision to support Global Compact is a new step for the company to contribute to a more sustainable, respectful and transparent worldwide economy. Antalis, as a member of Global Compact, commits to respect and implement the ten principles of the Global Compact relating to human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

Read Antalis Communication On Progress report (in french only).


Logo_ODD_SDG_ENThe Sustainable Development Goals implement by the United Nations in 2015, aims at defining a plan to “end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda. Each goal has specific targets to be achieved over the next 15 years ». Antalis, through its CSR strategy and its associated commitments is contributing to 7 of the 14 goals. By underscoring clearly its commitments in those areas, Antalis displays  its responsibility as a major economic player and its willingness to contribute to a better future.


logo_twosidesAntalis supports Twosides initiatives: See the website

Antalis is an active member of this non-profit organisation whose mission is to dispel misconceptions among print users while seeking to build confidence in the paper chain. Two Sides’ aim is to ensure that in a world of limited resources, the unique qualities of paper and print – their recyclability and renewability – are a benefit to future generations. Two Sides also wants to ensure that paper and print remain an effective and powerful means of communication, fostering imagination and knowledge and ensuring the effectiveness of the message. In this context, we have collaborated in the writing of “Print and Paper Myths and Facts” and “Paper Packaging The Natural Choice”, information and training tools.



Antalis joined the Act4Nature network as a voluntary initiative. From the outset, this approach was conducted in partnership with scientific institutions, several environmental protection associations and public authorities. Antalis, a signatory company, has integrated the ten commitments common to this network in addition to the five commitments specific to the group.