Antalis was born in 2000 through the mergers of about 40 international distribution companies all over the world.

  • Acquisition by Kokusai Pulp & Paper Co. of all Antalis shares.
    Delisting of Antalis shares from Euronext Paris.

  • Acquisition of IGEPA’s Papers distribution business in Sweden and Norway and packaging products distribution business of Alos in Sweden

  • Antalis IPO

  • Acquisition of TFM Industrial, Peruvian specialist distributor of Packaging products, acquisition of Gregersen, distributor of visual communication solutions in Norway and of Swan Papier in IRE, a paper distributor

  • Acquisition of different companies in the Packaging and Visual communication business in UK, Estonia, Denmark and Sweden.
    Acquisition of Data Copy ® from Metsä Board

  • Acquisition of Xerox Document Suppliers Europe business in 16 countries in Western Europe

  • Acquisition of different companies in the Packaging Distribution business in Germany, UK, Czech Republic and in Chile to cement Antalis leadership in the packaging distribution market

  • Acquisition of Macron, a German Visual Communication Distributor to strengthen its position in the Visual communication growing business.

  • Industrial restructuring plan intended to reduce significantly Arjowiggins’ exposure to the commodities segment and improve the competitiveness of the Creative Papers Division

    Acquisition of Map merchant Group, the paper division of M-real. Antalis becomes number 1 in paper distribution in Europe

  • Creation of Antalis through the merger of about 40 international paper distribution companies all over the world. In each country, the different brands from the Arjowiggins Merchanting legacy are gathered under the Antalis umbrella.