Antalis has adopted a strategy of consolidating its position in paper distribution and continuing its diversification in the growing Packaging and Visual Communication markets by conducting a policy of targeted acquisitions while continuing its organic development in the most dynamic geographical areas

Participating in the consolidation of the paper distribution market

Antalis has made different acquisitions to maintain economies of scale and develop synergies:

  • MAP Merchant, in 2007: a key acquisition which allowed Antalis to become the leading European distributor
  • Xerox DSE, in 2013: to attain a critical mass in the office paper segment
  • Data Copy, in 2015: a brand acquired from Metsä Board, with a solid reputation developed over a 30 year period, particularly in the retail sector
  • Swan Paper in the Republic of Ireland, in 2016: to consolidate its leading position in Ireland
  • Igepa, Sweden and Norway: in June 2018, acquisition of Igepa’s papers distribution business in Sweden and Norway to strengthen Antalis’ positions in the Nordics countries.
  • Alos in Sweden: acquisition of the packaging products distribution business (2018).

Antalis is also seeking to strengthen its position through organic growth, by enhancing its product ranges with high value-added paper (creative paper, paper for digital printing and recycled paper), by running targeted marketing programmes, and also developing a wide range of services for its clients: from the most standard services through to tailor-made services to help them develop their business.


Continuing Antalis transformation in distribution activities for Packaging products and Visual Communication materials

Antalis is continuing its strategy of making targeted acquisitions in these sectors while reaping the benefits of sustained organic growth.

  • Packaging: since 2012, Antalis has been stepping up its external growth strategy through a series of acquisitions in Europe (in Germany, the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic) and in Latin America (Chile). In 2015, Antalis acquired distribution companies belonging to the PaperlinX Group in the United Kingdom and Denmark. With the most recent acquisitions of distributors in Estonia and Peru in 2016, Antalis has become the leading European distributor.

Antalis is also continuing to expand by offering a wide range of products and packaging, from the most standard and customised to tailor-made solutions developed by its six Packaging Design Centres based in Danmark, England, Germany and Poland.

  • Visual Communication: Antalis development has been mainly driven by organic growth in the countries in which it has been traditionally active through its paper business by developing a product offering, particularly in the large-format printing segment.

At the same time, Antalis has embarked on several external growth operations to support its development. In 2010, the buyout of Macron in Germany allowed Antalis to acquire expertise in the distribution of large-format printing materials and equipment. Other acquisitions also took place in the Nordic countries, with the Norwegian distributor Gregersen in 2016. In this way, the group has become one of the top three market leaders in Europe, offering a wide range of products and tailor-made services for signage and display specialists.

Today, Antalis is present in the booming Interior Design market, thanks to offerings such as a new range of customizable wallpapers.


Capitalising on its international presence

Antalis is based in 29 countries. In each of these countries, Antalis is developing a strategy of excellence for its range of products and services but also in terms of its commercial relationships.

This international presence and the high level of quality established in every country are two major assets for Antalis key account clients which are seeking to globalise their international purchasing. A dedicated international account team collaborates closely with the local teams to meet all their needs.